About PADNOS Leitelt Iron Works
We design, build, weld, and provide maintenance to equipment used in the processing of metal, paper and other materials in any industry. Check out our Services:
  • Welding & Fabrication

    Leitelt has a weld shop that specializes in structural fabrication and welding.

    With over 100 years of experience, Leitelt can repair, rebuild or create any new structure.

  • Specialized Machining

    A wide range of precision equipment and qualified personnel gives Leitelt the capability and expertise to machine parts to blue print or make-fit specifications. These expert machinists regularly work with steel, cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steels, aluminum, bronze and brass. The equipment is continually being upgraded and added to enable us to do even larger and varied work.

    All of our machines are equipped with the latest technology to ensure accuracy. Leitel is thus able to handle almost any machining job, large or small, new or repair, one of a kind or multiple pieces.

    Leitelt is equipped with the people, knowledge and machines to do a variety of Specialized Machining. For more than 100 years Leitelt has been providing quality parts for the following industries:

    • Pharmaceutical
    • Food and Dairy
    • Furniture
    • Automobile
    • Agricultural
    • Heat Treating
    • Marine
    • Construction
    • Plumbing
    • Scrap Processing and Handling
    • Hydro Repairs
  • Emergency Repairs

    Emergency Repairs is one of our many specialties. A multi-shift operation allows us many options. The following resources allow Leitelt Shop to be a useful and diverse Machining Facility:

    12 - Engine Lathes with capabilities up to a 39 inch diameters x 24 ft. long

    • 3 - Large Boring Mills
    • 1- Large Floor Mill
    • Keyseatter with 3 ½ “ wide capabilities
    • 54 inch Blanchard Grinder
    • 3 Hydraulic Presses with up to a 200 Ton Capacity
    • VTL with a 72 in turning capacity
    • ID, OD and Centerless Grinders
  • Hydraulic Repairs

    We have complete in-shop facilities to repair cylinders of all sizes. We can straighten or make new chrome rods, machine new cast pistons, machine new bronze bushing's or glands, hone tubes, weld leaks, and rebuild and reassemble. We then test your cylinders to assure quality. We have many years of experience working on cylinders for balers, shears, loaders, cranes, roll-off trailers, lugger trucks and dump trailers. We can also build hydraulic tanks and piping systems.

  • Heavy Equipment Repair

    The repair and maintenance of heavy equipment is one of Leitelt’s specialties. We repair cranes, loaders, dozers, backhoes and trenchers. We have the experience to get it repaired quickly and correctly. We can make new pins and bushings. With our portable line bore equipment we are able to line bore center pivots, arms or bucket bosses in house or at your facility. Replacing cutting edges, worn bottoms or liners on loader or clam buckets is routine work for us.

  • Trailers And Containers

    The design and production of trailers and containers is one of Leitelt's areas of highest acclaim. From the design, to the finished product, we pride ourselves in giving our customers a high quality product at a competitive cost.

    We have built small containers for under punch presses to handle scrap, self-dumping hopperslugger boxes with 6 to 22 yard capacities, and roll-off boxes. We are state certified to fabricate standard gon type trailers to our 50' high side sheet iron haulers, flatbed's, drop decks, and many other speciality trailers. We have also built replacement boxes for dump trailers, and complete rebuilds on frames. Steel or aluminum, we can build or repair it and make it stronger for you.

  • Steel & Material Sales

    Leitelt Shop also stocks the following:

    • HR&CR Materials

      • Hot rolled flat stock 1/8" x 1/2" thru 1" x 6" in 20' lengths
      • Hot rolled rounds 1/4" thru 1 3/4" diameters in 20' lengths
      • Cold rolled rounds 1018, 1045,4140 -3/16" thru 4" diameters x 12' lengths
    • Structural

      • Channels 2" x 1" thru 10" standards in 20' lengths
      • Square tubing 1" thru 4" various wall thicknesses up to 24' lenghts
      • I-Beams 3" thru 8" in 20' lengths
      • Tested black pipe 1/8" thru 4" in 21' lengths with threading available to 2
      • Used larger beams and pipes in various lengths as available.
    • HR Plate

      • Expanded metal 4' x 8' in various sizes, bar grating smooths and serrate
      • Plates 1/8" thru 1" in 5' x 10' sheets, shearing available up to 3/4" thickness and rolling up to 3/8"
  • Conveyors And Sorting Systems

    Leitelt Shop has a wide variety of capabilities when it comes to designing and building custom conveyor systems and sorting systems for just about any industrial application.
    We have built auger systems for conveying powders, steel piano hinge belts and frames, and rubber belts with troughing rollers to move all types of materials. We build the frames, set up the drives, and can even install at your site. We have also designed and built sorting stations, which can be insulated and enclosed with their own HVAC systems.

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